Monthly Archives: November 2012

We’re nearly through another semester of architecture school, here, but it’s a very intense time of the year for me, so I haven’t been getting too much miniature painting done. I am slowly making my way to having a full platoon of Khurasan Federals painted up by spending 30 minutes here and there working on them, but I haven’t bothered putting up photos, because it’s pretty much more of the same.

I still haven’t decided on an opposing force for my Federals. I’d kind of like to do something alien, but I may ultimately go with another human force. These NVL Troopers by PicoArmor look pretty enticing. I’ve ordered 1/600 aircraft from PicoArmor before, and they had great customer service, so I’d like to throw them some more financial support.

So…the blog isn’t dead, just on temporary life support. Things should pick up in December.