Monthly Archives: January 2013

I finished basing my 15mm Khurasan Miniatures Dimog Mk. I, and due to the wonderfully unseasonable weather, I even got to apply some dullcote. A good day.
Front View


It's a view


I’ve been concentrating on my 1/285 WW2 stuff lately, but I did manage to jump back over to some 15mm sci-fi minis this weekend. I have another squad of Khurasan federals to paint up to make a full platoon, and I’m almost done with the super-cool Dimog 1 mech. I recently discovered glazing, so I hope he’s looking suitably grimy.

I like the scale of the mech.

I like the scale of the mech.



In my little universe, these light mechs would be company level assets. Maybe 2 or 4 per company, parceled out to the sub-platoons as needed.