Federals are all Done

I finished another twelve figures, and my Khurasan Federals cum Solomani Army are, dare I say it, all done! I have a full platoon, plus some extra command, weapons, and vehicles from further up the command chain. I do need to hit them with a good dose of dullcote varnish for durability’s sake, but that will have to wait for warmer weather, I’m afraid.

In a marvelous display of serendipity, GZG has re-released their UNSC Hardsuits in a series of new sculpts. Considering that I had just decided to game Solomani vs. Imperium, and these are the best miniatures out there for Imperial Marines, I’m incredibly lucky.

all minis

Fierce warriors of the future under the soft pink tones of the third moon of Rigellus 6. Or several dozen pieces of lead under a flourescent lamp. Whichever you prefer.

After all that, I present you with a crappy iPhone photo of my complete force in no particular array or arrangement.


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