Model Building

I finished another twelve figures, and my Khurasan Federals cum Solomani Army are, dare I say it, all done! I have a full platoon, plus some extra command, weapons, and vehicles from further up the command chain. I do need to hit them with a good dose of dullcote varnish for durability’s sake, but that will have to wait for warmer weather, I’m afraid.

In a marvelous display of serendipity, GZG has re-released their UNSC Hardsuits in a series of new sculpts. Considering that I had¬†just decided to game Solomani vs. Imperium, and these are the best miniatures out there for Imperial Marines, I’m incredibly lucky.

all minis

Fierce warriors of the future under the soft pink tones of the third moon of Rigellus 6. Or several dozen pieces of lead under a flourescent lamp. Whichever you prefer.

After all that, I present you with a crappy iPhone photo of my complete force in no particular array or arrangement.


I’ve been concentrating on my 1/285 WW2 stuff lately, but I did manage to jump back over to some 15mm sci-fi minis this weekend. I have another squad of Khurasan federals to paint up to make a full platoon, and I’m almost done with the super-cool Dimog 1 mech. I recently discovered glazing, so I hope he’s looking suitably grimy.

I like the scale of the mech.

I like the scale of the mech.



In my little universe, these light mechs would be company level assets. Maybe 2 or 4 per company, parceled out to the sub-platoons as needed.

For those of you who have followed my historical blog, ArkieGamer, you may not believe this, but I actually finished all of the miniatures that I had ordered, BEFORE placing an order for more minis. Or at least before they arrived.

Without further ado, here are my Khurasan Federals.

A typical squad, accompanied by a Polecat armored car.

I’ll probably use these guys as a recon element, of some sort.

Probably the least useful unit I bought, as far as getting it on the table. On-board artillery, even at a small scale like 15mm, doesn’t make much sense for close-in skirmish.

I love this little scout drone. I thought about basing him with acrylic rod, but decided that black is best.

Officer country! The guy to the far left is the satellite comms specialist

I tend to get obsessed about things and do extensive amounts of web research until I begin to grasp the zeitgeist of whatever said thing might happen to be. I’m sure I’m not the only one.¬†Before I begin to digress too badly about being an obsessive nerd, I’ll just say that one of the models that particularly struck my fancy when I was relentlessly searching for information on 15mm sci-fi wargaming was Khurasan Miniature’s Polecat.

The Polecat is basically a futuristic HMMWV with the sort of functionalist industrial aesthetic that James Cameron (or Ridley Scott, for that matter) captured in Aliens. I really love it. In fact, it’s the model that pushed me over the edge into beginning to collect, paint, and hopefully game 15mm science fiction.

Like the Humvee, the Polecat is ubiquitous. They can even be found at battalion HQ.

Here’s my version. I used a similar palette to my infantry, with Vallejo Russian uniform being the primary ingredient. I went a little overboard on the weathering, and will probably try to tone it down a notch for my next 15mm armored vehicle. The “4” is supposed to resemble the Vilani font from good old Traveller, but it was quite difficult to execute at this scale!

If When I do another of these, it will have to have been nicknamed and tagged as ‘Pepe’ by its crew.

I’ve painted my first 15mm Sci Fi figures, as personal first for the scale and the genre. These are Khurasan Miniatures Federal troops. I have another 9 figures to paint, which will give me one squad, a command group, and a couple of heavy weapon attachments. I’ve promised myself I won’t be ordering any new figures until I have the current batch finished, but the ultimate goal is to build up a platoon and a couple of light armor vehicles.

Obviously I have a long way to go, but 15mm is a blast to paint.Laying down the base colors in 15mm is very quick, and this allows you spend more time on the fun stuff.

Primary colors on these guys are Vallejo Russian Uniform. The hardware is Russian Uniform mixed with German Camo Dark Green. I started out with white primer and did a couple of black washes along the way. I think my paint is way too thick, and I’d really like to get the armor looking like some sort of satiny composite plastic rather than the painted gypsum board that it now resembles.

They’re based on US dimes. I’m in the process of deciding whether or not to color code the bases for unit type/number.