Ground Forces

This page is to keep track of a few basic scenario ideas. They may, or may not, be fleshed out in the future.

  • Rescue the Pilot/Newscrew
  • Rear Guard
  • Reconnoiter the Position
  • Guard the Engineers/Scientists/Specialists
  • Escort the whosit or whatsit to the wheresit
  • Escape from behind enemy lines.
  • Steal something.
  • Assassination (sniper vs. target)
  • Spaceport assault
  • Race for the Downed Spacecraft
  • Rear Guard
  • Extraction
  • Ambush the Convoy
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Steal the Technology
  • Storm the Fortification
  • Deal with tech/force beyond the norm.
  • Blow something up before time runs out.

Space Forces

  • Guard the Convoy
  • Escape from the planet
  • Destroy the base

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