The Arcology

No recent developments on the science fiction miniatures front-lack of money and time due to the final months of architecture school has put a kibosh on that side of life.

That said, I thought some science fiction fans might be interested in this story on the death of Paolo Soleri. Soleri is the coiner of the term ‘Arcology,’ which conjoins architecture and ecology. If you click through to the article you’ll find a kinder gentler (but still slightly creepy) view of the concept, which seems pretty cool when it’s not couched in the dystopian world view of cyberpunk science fiction. Which is totally where I originally encountered the term.

Here’s a link to the article by Scott Blair over at the Architectural Record website.


  1. Keith said:

    Late comment, but I’ve been following Soleri’s Arcosanti Project on and off since seeing a rerun of “In Search Of” about a decade ago. Sad news, I wish I’d bought one of his bells.

    Great Blog, BTW. Love the development you’re doing with the Solomani.

    Best regards,
    Keith F.

    • Hey Keith,

      Thanks for stopping by! I was just thinking about how intolerably long it’s been since I did anything with this project, and lo and behold, someone comments!

      Pretty cool that you’ve even heard of Soleri-I just completed architecture school last spring, and not a word was spoken of him over the course of five years. Guess he didn’t fit the dogma of the school’s agenda.

      Thanks for the compliment-I hope to jump start this project in June, after I complete a bunch of work on my historical gaming projects.

      I’ll follow your blog, with interest-It looks like you have lots of ideas I can borrow (read that as steal!).

  2. Keith said:


    Likewise. Borrow/steal away – that’s my motto. : )

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